Dumping ground of SlideDecks (Full Schedule)

#AIM1 @brettcpollak

Mobile is so 2011. Make all your campus sites & apps look great on any device.

#AIM2 @cgrymala

WordPress to the nth Degree

#AIM3 @jasondfish

Cloud Computing: Planning for Success

#AIM4 Alex Kingman

Prototyping: Understand First, Solve Later

#AIM5 @starmadilla

A Case Study in Collaboration and Buy-In: How InCommon Federated Login Got Us Unstuck

#AIM6 Peter Angela

Zero to Mobile in 3 weeks flat

#AIM7 @dwightnagy & @myshultz

Mobile Quick Start

#AIM8 @joelgoodman

All in the game: Mobilizing your campus transmedia

#AIM9 @kyledbowen

Mobile Warming: A New approach to student engagement

#AIM10 @zastrow

Pushing Pixels to Cranking Code

#AIM11 David Turnbull

How to build a web unit on cost recovery – a case study

#AIM12 Cornelia Bailey

Again and Again: UChicago Iterative Collaborations on Mobile

#MPD1 @marthagabriel

Education: Impacts and Transformations in the Social Media Era

#MPD2 @LoriPA

The Future of Higher Ed? A Canary In The Coalmine of Online Learning

#MPD3 @Amandaesque

I Don’t Have Your Ph.D. – Working with Faculty and the Web

#MPD4 @kylejames

Inbound School Marketing: Is Your Website Helping the Bottom Line?

#MPD5 @bpmore & @carriehphillips

You Have an iPhone. Now What?

#MPD6 @marleysmom & @aaronrester

There’s Life Beyond the Four-Year University

#MPD7 @Zablocki & @ColB

The Care & Feeding of Your Vendor

#MPD8 @mherzber

Campus Change Agent: Build a Campus Web Community Where There is None

#MPD9 @Prof_Doug

Building a Strategic Plan

#MPD10 @daviddemello

Govern or be Governed! or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Mob with Pitchforks

#MPD11 @Prof_Doug

Card Sorting: Research That Every Web Developer Should Use

#MPD12 @stebert

A Conceptual Framework for Effective Web Governance in Higher Education

#MCS1 @donnatalarico

No Such Thing as TMI: How to Create a Culture of Sharing

#MCS2 @JohnMills

How UW-Milwaukee redesigned for the LAST time

#MCS3 @jptweb

Rethinking the Virtual Tour: An Immersive Experience that’s More Than A Map

#MCS4 @JamieOber

Terrific Teaching Technology Tales: Marketing Via Storytelling

#MCS5 @NickDenardis

Designing for next steps (a forward moving user experience)

#MCS6 @plautmaayan & @mallorywood

Fording the Social Media Channel

#MCS7 @jplucas55 & @nickweaver

#uwrightnow: Integrating your social, web, editorial and marketing networks

#MCS8 Romana Amato

Web Content Strategy: Effectively Pairing Multimedia, Social Media, and Text

#MCS9 Scott Barnett

Location-based “Walking Tour” using TagWhat

#MCS10 @nikkimk & Louise Sharrar

Slidervention: Getting Content from Faculty Experts

#MCS11 @nagmay


#MCS12 Magen Tracey

Student-Sourcing Your College’s Web Content

#TPR1 @cdchase

DevOps: Making Development, Testing & Production Easier

#TPR2 @svenaas & @jmpmhc

I Can Convert!

#TPR3 @Abuzzahab

Your CMS is the elephant in the room

#TPR4 @ChrisWiegman

Securing the CMS doesn’t take a Dissertation

#TPR5 @DavidDeMello

Get Real! Adventures in real-time web applications

#TPR6 @Kodiak324

Get Your Grubby Hands out of the Database

#TPR7 @woodwardjd

Web Application and Site Mapping with Cucumber and PhantomJS

#TPR8 @JohnVieth

My Favorite Drupal Modules (Sung to the tune of “My Favorite Things,” as performed by Julie Andrews

#TPR9 @bpanulla

Retiling your Web Maps

#TPR10 @dwightnagy

Websites Featuring User-Created Content in Drupal

#TPR11 @cgrymala & @jesselavery & @ericjuden

WordPress as a CMS

#TPR12 @lacytite

WordPress FUNctions

#UAD1 Jonathan Davis

Guerrilla Usability: Implementing user experience testing with little (no)budget

#UAD2 @Dmolsen

Everything you know isn’t the same anymore

#UAD3 Emily Looney

Achieving Iterative Redesign: Online Content’s Only Constant Is Change

#UAD4 @aaronrester

Reach Out and Touch Someone: Marshall McLuhan and the Tactile Web

#UAD5 @mryand

Responsive Design: One Site, Many Devices

#UAD6 Leigh Shoemaker, Lili’a Uili Neville

Embracing Your Top-Level Website Redesign: Challenges, Collaborations, Creations and Chorizo

#UAD7 smeranda

The New (Responsive) World Order: Lessons from a 500,000 page Responsive Design

#UAD8 @TerrillThompson

Web Accessibility: 30 Tips in 45 Minutes

#UAD9 @NathanGerber

One Site To Rule Them All – Mobile & Traditional Sites Come Together

#UAD10  @alanariley

Give ’em some social media love: The right people using the right tools for the right reasons

#UAD11 @erunyon

Rebuilding a University Homepage to be “Responsive.” Twice. In Less than a Year.

#UAD12 – Jon Gunderson

Open Source Tools for Inspecting and Evaluating Web Sites for WCAG 2.0 Compliance


Apps your students love


Location based services, where are we going?


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