Digital Signage – Live Test!

I was finally able to test out the Drupal+Signage system on a screen today. We still have a little ways to go. The computer driving the sign has little memory, and is having problems with the jquery transitions. It’s slated to be replaced within the week or so. Hopefully that means a new video card which will support HD (1920×1080). Right now, we’re stuck using 1024×768. And if we end up having to use something with a 4:3 aspect ratio, I’ll get rid of the scroll bars. But I’m hoping we’ll be able to go wide screen when we go live.

Meanwhile, here are a couple of photos…



School starts in 3 weeks. Hopefully we will be rolling live by then.

Meanwhile, I’m working on reducing the amount of text in the larger slide area, increasing the font-size (although everything is easily read by the passer-by) and adding some better back-end functions for our signage moderator.

The moderator has the ability to maintain two areas on the screen: the larger  ‘slide’ area on the left, and the scrolling events on the bottom right. The moderator can upload an image (exported from powerpoint, provided by a designer or another department) or insert text for an announcement. To add events to the scrolling event calendar, the moderator, as well as several other department assistants can add events to our college calendar. There is an option in our calendar module that asks, “Add to digital signage?”, if they choose this option, the date, event title, time and location will appear on the digital sign.

The spot above the scrolling calendar is a static ‘Ad’ or Announcement that I’ll change out periodically. Eventually, the moderator will be able to manage this section as well.

There are two horizontal scrollers at the bottom of the screen, one is a list of headlines of business news from Dow Jones, and the second line is a stock ticker, built with JQuery, Javascript and Yahoo! Stock Quotes.

The signage loads in the full-screen, kiosk mode of Chrome.

Once I’m happy with how this is working, I’ll detail the drupal side of things.