Woa. Underwater.

Okay, starting some major drupal theming, and I realize I have a lot to learn.

> Disable all CSS files native to drupal, I need just 1 css file to load. Not needing the load bloat of 12+ style sheets for possibilities that will not exist in this digital signage environment (https://gist.github.com/2727330 & http://www.grahamgilchrist.com/blog/25 were very helpful)

> I’ve got the template now in drupal — but I don’t have content connected to it. How do I rotate through different content options to build a slide show (look for drupal slide show modules that can work with content, rss feeds, and images, and have multiple instances on one page) all from /signage.

> go ahead and add the static module parts of the page. Time, weather.

> Need to start creating the news source in drupal.

> create signage view


Little, by little, I’ll get there.


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