Finding my voice

If I don’t speak, I’ll never know what my voice sounds like.

If I don’t flex my muscles, I’ll never know how strong I might be.

This year, in my profession, I’d like to find my voice. If I’m doing any work that is worthwhile, it should hopefully also be worth talking about. And to take it a step further, in the next two years I’d like to even present at a conference.

But as a jack of all trades, master of none, or a generalist…. I find that it’s hard to focus in on One. Thing. And maybe I don’t have to. But I have to write, think, speak, flex my creative muscles to even find out what is there.

So here’s what I do know (at least right now in this short time that I have to write):

1. I work in marketing doing design AND code. I sit between IT and Marketing and I feel like I’m able to help translate between the two. (Thinking about a future post: What designers wish programmers understood, what programmers wish designers understood) (Right now, as a web designer coming from print, I wish I had a better sense of version control/git and wish I could get into the habit of incorporating it into my workflow.)

2. This isn’t a 1999 internet anymore, yet higher-ed seems so behind. (I feel so behind). To move forward in public institutions seems to take so long because of red-tape, budgets, personell, and personalities. How can we move forward while still being tied down to process?

3. Mobile first? How to go from static HTML to CMS to Mobile first (responsive) design? or is that even the right way to go?

4. Conversion to a CMS (Drupal). Working slowly now to convert an asp, home-grown CMS to a larger, robust CMS. (Decision process, server, software, personell, training)

5. Higher-Ed: Whose story are we telling, and who are we telling it to?

But for now, off to brainstorm/justify a new navigation scheme.


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